America's Role In Slavery And The Holocaust

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The structure and culture of the African American Families has changed since slavery. I think it has made the families closer together. During slavery Africans were separated from their families. Even if they lived on the same plantation doesn’t mean they got to see each other. If they lived on separate plantations chances of them ever seeing each other again was slim to none. So since slavery ended I think it brought African American families closer together. The structure and culture of the European Jewish families has changed as well. In most books I’ve read about the holocaust the writer usually talks about how close the Jewish families were. For example in “the Diary of Ann Frank,” Ann talks about how close her family was and they became closer when they went into hiding. During the Holocaust many families were ripped apart, some were sent to work camps, others sent to concentration camps, and most were killed right away or were ever they went, the people who survived are very lucky. After the Holocaust, many families moved to different countries like the United States. I think it brought the Jewish families closer together. It is not justified to compare America’s role in the slave trade to the Holocaust.…show more content…
I feel that both events were horrible but to say one was worse then the other is kind of wrong. I don’t understand why some one would want to say one event was worse then the other, because I feel that is not the case. Sure slavery lasted longer but the Holocaust was like wiping out all the Jews. It wasn’t the intension in slavery to kill all the Africans. During each event many people were killed and families were ripped apart, but I can not say that one was worse then the other. My reason for this is I feel that both the events had traumatic effects on people and the people were put through so much, but I do not feel one was worse then the
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