Americas Part Time Essay

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When doing research, it is very important to be ethical and responsible. To me being ethical means to conduct myself with an acceptable behavior in the lab and to not damage the integrity of the research through lying about results to match a hypothesis or cutting corners. A person who is ethical and responsible will maintain honesty and openness and who also refrain from committing acts that will hurt test animals or fellow workers. Misconduct is such an important issue in the scientific community because it allows others to not take the research findings seriously. Publishers may turn their backs on those with ethical violations and the public view on the researcher and his claims may come into question. Unethical choices will also hurt the cooperation between members of a team. If one researcher is changing results to support his hypothesis to gain acclaim, others on the project who are acting ethically won’t be as willing to continue working with him. In research collaboration is vital so when there is distrust between team members, the quality of the research will be affected negatively. Unethical choices can also lead to many legal problems. In many research projects people and animals are the main participants being tested. Ethical lapses could potentially gravely injure a human or animal subject and others in the public. If a researcher fabricates results, the drug that supposedly could help a person with a problem, could in turn harm the person even more. This leads could lead to many lawsuits and legal struggles, which shouldn’t be associated with research. I know as a student researcher it is vital to be ethical and responsible. To achieve this I will be completely honest with the results of experiments and maintain the integrity of the project. I will be open with the data and resources I use and conduct my work carefully, avoiding careless errors and
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