America's Multicultural Reality By Ronald Takaki Summary

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The article “An Educated and Culturally Literate Person Must Study America’s Multicultural Reality,” is a compelling article. The author, Ronald Takaki does an extraordinary job supporting his argument about multicultural studies being mandatory in obtaining a college degree. Takaki starts his argument by setting an image of his childhood experiences in a multicultural society. From his own experiences he learns that cultural literacy is needed to better help cultural diversity in society, and goes on from here to explain the content of education necessary to be learned and uncovers the meaning of cultural literacy. Takaki reveals the focus and content of the multicultural studies he insists on, and eventually wraps up with the conclusion of who…show more content…
With courses covering who we are and what our roles are in society, this will help us understand why we are perceived the way we are and answer why we are treated or treat others the way we do. Takaki believes that examining the different cultures and groups allows students to do many things. They can answer their own questions about what they have witnessed in life, and how it has shaped their beliefs; they can also answer others questions who were less fortunate to take such informational courses about multicultural reality. Courses could range from specific topics, but then they can also branch out into broad subjects. Curriculums may include “…diversity in relation to gender, immigration, urbanization, technology, or the labor market. Courses could also study… racial images, ethnic music and art, novels…[etc],” (303). With Takaki including such a wide variety of study options, more students may be interested in learning about other cultures in the study topic of their choice; perhaps they are more into music and art than the gender and immigration relation side of things, and this helps Takaki’s
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