Americans With Disability Discrimination

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Disability Discrimination: The Americans with Disabilities Act Fair and equal treatment is one of the cornerstones of this great nation. The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted to protect those needing accommodations from discrimination and exclusion. To ensure fair and equal treatment no matter the disability you suffer from, the Americans with Disabilities Act must undergo many changes. Without these much needed changes, the legislation once intended to protect disabled individuals will fail its intended goal. The ADA must be revised to eliminate its legal loopholes, allow for the application of workmen’s compensation injuries, and to enact strict penalties to deter future violations. To start, the ADA must have several sections…show more content…
The last thing an injured employee needs after being injured at work is for their employer to refuse to provide accommodations for the employee to perform light duty work . Unfortunately, this is the case in many situations, and many employees are left without remedy because the ADA does not provide for protection under workmen‘s compensation injuries. Under the current version of the ADA, employers are not mandated to alter a position to a accommodate light duty restrictions, as long as the employer has no current light duty program for its employees (Sparks, 1998). The sheer embarrassment of facing the general public is an excellent weapon in fighting an employer that blatantly discriminates against an individual, as occasionally someone brings public attention to the illegalities committed against them, forcing the offender to honor their responsibilities under the ADA (Meneghello and Russon, 2008). Also, there is no requirement that forces an employer to create a light duty position, when there was no such position in existence to begin. In many cases of a workmen’s comp. injury, the employee is left with a permanent disability, resulting in the employer refusing to allow accommodation, resulting in the employee being left without employment . This begins an endless cycle of employers refusing to hire the affected individual because of their disability. In many…show more content…
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