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| Americans with Disability Act | Chairside Assisting/ DA104 | 4th Session | Jonathan Welch | 9/19/2011 | | Americans with Disability Act in Dental Office The Americans with Disability Act was established in 1990. “The Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in everyday activities, including medical services.” (Part 1) In the following paper, I will discuss some of the areas of the dental office you can see the Americans with Disability Act at work. One article states that, “Accessibility of health care providers is essential in providing medical care to people with disabilities. Due to barriers, individuals with disabilities are less likely to get routine preventative medical care than people without disabilities. Accessibility is not only legally required, it is important medically so that minor problems can be detected and treated before turning into major and possibly life-threatening problems.” (Part 1) When traveling to your local dental office you will find handicap accessible parking spaces designated for those patients with mobility disabilities. Normally, you will find handicap accessible ramps to ensure easy access into the facility. There are also reasonably wider entrances and hallways throughout the building, to ensure that patients can easily access needed areas of the dental office.…show more content…
You can do this in the dental office by having adjustable exam chairs. Also, special consideration is taken when planning the layout of the operatory rooms. The rooms should have adequate space for maneuvering around the operatory room. If there are employees within the dental office who have disabilities it is necessary to make sure that supplies and materials are accessible at all

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