Americans with Disability Act Essay

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Americans with Disabilities act protects workers with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace, and requires employers to offer reasonable accommodations to help those workers do their jobs. (England, 2009) The purpose of the Americans with Disability Act is to give individuals with physically and mentally disabilities the right to have public access, and be in the workplace. Ada also gives the right for public accommodations. Some examples of a physical impairment are Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, HIV, and Aids. A mental impairment is someone with emotional or mental illness, or a learning disorder. Ada does not cover anyone who is a compulsive gambler, or have prison records. There are five titles pertaining to the American Disability Act. Title I is employment. This title prohibits discrimination against any one with a disability, or who has a record of a disability. This act also helps individuals who want to work, but need some assistance. Employers with fifteen people or more may not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities. (Americans with Disability Act (ADA), 2006) Title II is Public Accommodations it prohibits discrimination by those who operate public places. Some of these places are lodging, restraunts, theaters, public transportation, health care providers , and hospitals. They must all be handicap accessible, or reasonable changes should be made to make sure all are handicap accessible. Title III is Transportation. New buses on or after 1990 must be accessible to anyone with a disability. Bus stations must be handicap accessible to help caccommodate people with a handicap. The buses have a lift for wheelchairs, seats fold so there is room to easily get on bus and theyvusenthe front so it is better accessible. Rail Systems and privately owned bus companies must also be accessible for handicapped individuals.
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