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Walking into room 221 of the student center I had a general understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act. My freshman year I took the course Human Exceptionalities, which is described in the Undergraduate Catalog as, “This general education course is designed to develop students' awareness and understanding of the nature and needs of individuals with exceptionalities. It provides a lifespan perspective that will assist students in better understanding and, hopefully, accepting and advocating for individuals with disabilities.” Although the course was definitely more focused on the different categories of disabilities we did have a chapter on laws regarding those with disabilities, including the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. Because I haven’t touched upon the Americans with Disabilities Act since discussing it in the spring of my freshman year, almost three years ago, I have become fuzzy on the details of what qualifies someone under the act and the extent of which employers have to make accommodations. I did not remember the part about undue hardships, where if someone makes an unnecessary or extreme request then the employer or school can deny the request. An example used by the presenters used of that particular kind of unnecessary hardship, was a student in a wheelchair wanting to live on the third floor in a dorm without an elevator. The student's request was an undue hardship, seeing as Rowan has dorms with elevators that he or she could utilize. The amount of time, effort, and money to make the initial dorm Americans with Disabilities Act compliant was too much, essentially if the school had tried to make the dorm Americans with Disabilities Act compliant, they would have had to tear it down and rebuild, which could be considered an undue hardship. Another instance of an undue hardship that

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