Americans Being Sheep Essay

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Samiya was an very spoiled brat , if she didn’t get her way she would whine and cry until it was done. Her parents wanted to teach her a lesson and sent her to boarding school. When she got there , the people in London would tease her and call her sheep just like the rest of the Americans, As time went pasted she started to realize why. She came to the conclusion that American were sheep because they are influenced by technology , purchases and money. First, Samiya noticed the obsession with technology, how everyone wanted the latest things. Most people education was given to them on a ipads and other techno devices. Children don’t spend time outside they would rather say in the house. She also found out that cell phones was the biggest issue. Teens would cry or do harmful things for a cell phone Next , She found that purchases was a trending too. Most American buy the most expensive thing just because of the certain logo. Nine out of ten they want them because they seen an celebrity in them. They really are clueless that most of the celebrities are paid to promote that shoe She also found that if you didn’t have those certain clothes you were automatically categorized. Last, She discovered money , money is one of the biggest reason. Because most people think they wont be able to live with out money. Everyone wants to be rich and famous , why, so that they can by all the fantasy things. Most people lie and say they have money just to get money. If You don’t have any money your considered an poor helpless person. Samiya came up with the conclusion that Americans are sheep. Because they follow other people. Buy things just to be in the in crowd and be associated with a different group of people. People would rather stay inside the house and text then go outside with fresh air. So for these reasons such as technology , purchases ,and money is why

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