Americanness Themes In Invasion Of The Body Snatch Essay

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Americanness Themes in Invasion of the Body Snatchers The plot of Jack Finney’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers starts by indicating that the story takes place in the 1970s: “For me it began around six o’clock, a Thursday evening, October 28, 1976” (p.1). However, no signs of the 1970s are presented in the novel, and rather various political, social, and cultural issues and themes of Americanness in the 1950s are manifested. An optimistic view of the mid-fifties quite suburban American life on one hand, and on the other, on a more darker note, paranoia, communism, conformism and with it the loss of humanity and one man's struggle evolving in the post World War II and atomic bomb era and the beginning of the Cold War era. The 1950s were characterized by massive suburban American towns with identical houses where the residential area was separated from the commercial area and daily needs were not within walking distance of most homes. This story takes place in small American town called Mill Valley where it seems all houses look alike as Miles the protagonist describes his house: “and now I lived alone in a big old-fashioned frame house, with plenty of big trees and lots of lawn space around it” (p.13) and then describing Becky’s house: “She lived about three blocks from my house in big, while old-fashioned frame house that her father had been born in.” (p. 22). The story revolves around different houses in the residential area of Mill Valley, taking place in Miles’ house, Jack and Theodora’s, Becky’s and Professor Budlong’s house, and on the other hand in the business are in Miles’ clinic which is set at the town center.. These small suburban American towns in the fifties had a sense of small communities where everyone knew each other. This notion is well portrayed in the environment of this story where almost everyone is familiar with one another “Sure, I know

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