Americanization of Families

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The short stories The Rules of the Game and A Family Supper are very different, yet they have one similar theme. Authors Amy Tan and Kazuo Ishiguro have illustrated in their story’s characters from Asian countries becoming exposed to western culture, and as a result of this, becoming more ‘Americanized’. There are many symbols in each of the two stories, however one symbol from each story that proved to be the most important. In The Rules of the Game, the main symbol, quite obviously, is the chess board that Vincent received for Christmas, and in the story A Family Supper, the main symbol was the fugu fish. In The Rules of the Game, the chessboard symbolizes Waverly’s trying to becoming more American even though her parents still want to be traditional, as well the fight with her mother for control. In Ishiguro’s A Family Supper, the Fugu fish represents something obvious, which is death and destruction, but it also has a deeper meaning, in that it represents misery and despair caused by his children becoming more American. The Rules of the Game will be the first to be analyzed. The chess board, as mentioned before, represents the Americanization of Waverly Jong, even though she does not realize it. This story can be divided into two parts; before Vincent gets the chess board, and after the chess board is received. Before Waverly is introduced to chess, she is obedient, slightly naïve, and much more aware of her Chinese heritage. At the beginning of the story, she describes her life in Chinatown. She describes the fish market, restaurants that tourists would not eat at, and other places. She says “My brothers and I would peer into the medicinal herb shop, watching old Li dole out onto a stiff sheet of white paper the right amount of insect shells, saffron-colored seeds, and pungent leaves for his ailing customers. It was said that he once cured a woman dying of

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