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Running head: AMERICANIZATION Americanization Americanization In this essay, an attempt is made to study the views of Richard Rodriguez regarding the experiences of the immigrant population in the USA. In this context, Rodriguez discusses the nature of assimilation in America. Presently, one can find in America, people belonging to the various races and nationalities. In fact, in America there are whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and so on. Scholars and the public have contemplated the definition of ‘the American.’ However, scholars have given too much importance to the dichotomy between the two races: white and black races. In the process, the racial groups such as Mexicans, Asians (including Chinese and Vietnamese), and other races are not considered. These various races are not given the importance which they deserve. For example, a survey conducted by Gallup, in 1997, concerned only the black and white population. This convincingly shows the importance given to the white and black races. This implies that all other racial groups should recognize themselves as belonging to either of the races – white or black. Scholars discussed racial relations in terms of the relations between the African Americans and the white Americans. Further, the younger generation Americans do not identify themselves either with ‘white’ or ‘black.’ Instead, they identify themselves with the youth movements based on various themes. One can also notice that Americans have adopted the Canadian concept of multiculturalism. This concept gives importance to maintaining separate identity of the individuals in the American society. This would mean that Mexicans can maintain their own identity. This, in reality, creates differences between the various ethnic groups in America as there is no real assimilation. Instead, Rodriguez (2004) suggests the use of the Mexican concept,

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