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American youth The novel American youth is written by Phil LaMarche, and a story about a high school student, who’s life gets turned up side down after an accident, which killed one of his friends. Our main character, Theodore LeClare (Teddy,) is a high school student, who lives in Sandy Creek with his mother and friends. Teddy is a small, blond-haired and nimble boy; he is neither muscular nor manly. Teddy’s father works and lives in Pennsylvania, which is an 8-hour drive from Sandy creek, so Teddy rarely gets to see him. Teddy origins from a traditional American family. They prefer/value garden work, hunting, fishing etc. and are not driven by the material world. Teddy has few friends; before he starts at the new and bigger high school, he only has Terry, the Dennison brothers and maybe a few other friends. After the accident, which involves the death of Bobby Dennison, Teddy is left with no friends. At the high school Teddy meets Peckerhead Jackson, the boy who introduces him to the American Youth. Teddy chooses to join the organization, because it is an opportunity to make new friends. Before the accident Teddy is a happy, sweet, naive and shy boy. He thinks about other people’s opinion, but in spite of that, he still does what he wants to – e.g. he hangs out with the Dennison’s, even though Terry, his bestfriend, hates them. “When he turned, he bulked at the sight of Terry… Terry had predicted the betrayal.” When the Dennison’s want Teddy to load the gun, he is well aware of the consequences, and knows that it is wrong, but due to the peer group pressure, he loads the gun, which results in the death of Booby. He is inclined to succumb to peer group pressure and a follower, not a leader. But later on he is not afraid to say no, and to express his feelings. After the accident, Teddy’s personality develops. He feels guilty for lying; he is

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