American Woman Essay

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Kaplan University Unit 9 – American Women SS360-01 Maggie Oertel “The greatest force of change in the traditional pattern of the American family life was the change in status of woman, herself.” “Sometimes, freedom is found outside ordinary places. Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. Sometimes, a women’s place is in the Ring!” Lipstick and Dynamite – The First Ladies of Wrestling, 2005 At a time when June cleaver was the model woman, they earned their own living, negotiated their way in a man’s world, and made independent lives for themselves (Leitmann, 2004). Who are these women? They are the original professional women athletes – women wrestlers. Breaking into any sport was difficult enough for women back in the 40’s and 50’s, but wrestling was a totally male dominated arena. In fact, women were technically banned from the sport “for their own good” with the exception of being a male wrestler’s assistant or manager or valet (Ellison, 2002). Mary Lillian Ellison was not going to let any rules stand in her way. Mary, better known as The Fabulous Moolah, was born July 22, 1923 in Tookiedoo, South Carolina. She was the youngest of 13 children and the only daughter. Being the baby and a girl in a house of 12 wild farm boys, gave Moolah a strong and independent nature. Her mother died of cancer when Moolah was only 10 years old, which deeply affected her. Her father, Henry, unsure how to handle a female, took her to Tuesday wrestling matches, which she enjoyed; one for the excitement and two, for the alone time with her dad. Her life became planned out on one Tuesday evening when Mildred Burke came to town. Burke was a very dominate force in the male profession. Moolah was enchanted (Ellison, 2002). At 14, Moolah wed 21 year old Walter Carroll and had a daughter, Mary. Two years later, now divorced,
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