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The American dream, a nice house, a loving family, a good sized income, It’s what every person strives for, but as time goes on, the American dream is starting to drift further and further away from us. Unemployment numbers are rising, and it seems like times are very “Great Depression” reminiscent. We tell ourselves that it could be worse, which is probably true, but that’s no excuse for how bad things are as it is. In this paper, I will be analyzing the documentary film “American Winter”, and applying sociological perspectives to the issues that the people in this film are going through. The film centers around eight different families all with multiple things in common, they’re poor, can’t find a reliable source of income and have people in their lives that they need to take care of. One thing I found interesting in this film was the fact that almost all these people were different races, and that didn’t seem to matter much. Whether the family was white, black or Hispanic, they were all in the exact same position of not being able to support themselves or their loved ones. I was always under the assumption that the old white male was always the first one to get the job, but it seems like now a days it doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, male, female, black or white, jobs are hard to come across. John, the father of the mentally challenged boy, is a perfect example of this. One point that this film made loud and clear was the fact that even with a good education there is no guarantee or even a really good chance for success. Take the woman who studied medicine in college for example. She paid a lot of money for a good education and now she only makes minimum wage as a medical assistant? And now she’s flooded with college debt and has to spend a good chunk of her time “scrapping” appliances just to support herself. I was skeptical about college before I made

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