American Values Essay

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Values In American Culture 1 Values In American Culture Tracy Conley Values In American Culture 2 American values and culture has been in existance and developed over centuries. America was based on Immigrants and the immigration from other countries around the world and with the migration many brought their culture and values with them over the years and centuries. Americans developed these values into theier own lives with the freedom; of speech, family and religion we have in America. Most Americans have deep culture and values that they often hang on to, they share the same ideas or values of other people that also reside in the United States of America. Values In American Culture 3 Freedom: American people have a value that is very important to them and that is they have freedom of speech and freedom in itself and a right to vote to make laws that bring forth structure, safety and with laws that help Americans in a some what civilized society. Independance here in America is a cornerstone of american values. American's have the choice and control over their own desicions and destiny and with that our Government was established to guarantee individual's rights which are in our American Constitution. Our rights are protected in a Judicial system. Dont get it wrong we do have laws and rules in America and society to keep law and order to ensure that we live in peace and safety for the most part and make sure that we the people here in America are considered innocent until proven guilty. Whereas in other countries they

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