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United States History American Uprising The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt In January 1811, five hundred slaves dressed in military uniforms armed with guns, cane knives, and axes, rose up from the plantations around New Orleans and set out to conquer the city. With this ethnically diverse, politically astute, and highly organized, self-made army, it challenged not only the economic system of plantation agriculture but also American expansion. This march represented one the largest acts of armed resistance against slavery in the history of the United States. American Uprising is the riveting and long-neglected story of this elaborate plot, in which Author Daniel Rasmussen presents throughout this story. Daniel Rasmussen…show more content…
Kook and Quamana, were born, grew up, and sold into slavery. They brought with them from Africa the memories and stories of the powerful and warlike empire in which they mostly likely grew up (Rasmussen 22). The third man, Charles Deslondes, served as a slave driver, a member of the slave elite on the plantation of Spaniard Manuel Andry, a planter known for his cruelty toward his slaves. Despite how Deslondes appeared, “ he was one of the key architects of an elaborate scheme to kill off the white planters, seize power for the black slaves, and win his own freedom and that of all those laboring in chains on the German Coast” (Rasmussen…show more content…
On the night of January 8th, Deslondes gathered his men, and carried out his plan for the revolt, the first attack was plantation home of Manuel Andry. Upon entering Andry’s home, Deslondes and the twenty-five slave rebels stormed into Andry’s room killing his son, Gilbert Andry, only wounding Manuel who escaped. Deslondes decided that it would be fruitless to send men chasing after Manuel, and with his ambitions greater than killing one planter he allowed Manuel Andry to escape, believing Andry posed little threat to his slave army. The rebel army grew quickly between 100 to 500 slaves from plantation to plantation, invading planters homes, killing them and stealing guns and

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