American Teens Statistics

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Isla Reed Woms 10 April 16, 2012 Facts on American Teens I really enjoyed reading these statistics. The ones that really stuck out to me were the statistics on the use of contraceptives. Being that I myself am on a birth control contraceptive it was very intriguing to read the statistics about how many sexually active teens are actually on birth control. I think its also ridiculously crazy that not only are there 18.9 million new cases of STIs each year but out of that, 9.1 million occur among 18-24 year olds. That really is surprising. This makes me sit and wonder how sexually active these young teens are and how unprotected they are when they are having sex. That fact that there are that many people running around with sexually…show more content…
The article then talks about abortion and states that there are 200,420 abortions among 15-19 year olds. This statistic saddens me more then the one I previously stated. Knowing that this many teenagers have aborted their child is just a sad feeling. I personally do not believe in abortion and feel as if, if you have the decency to lay down with someone and have unprotected sex then you should know all the consequences that come with doing so. I think it really is amazing how they have so many statistics on sexual and reproductive health. I think this article has really brought to light a lot of things I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t read this essay. I think that if more people were aware of these statistics it would help lower some of these because a lot of these numbers are ridiculously high. I also think the following article on young men’s sexual and reproductive health was very informative. I think it is great to see that the use of condoms has jumped from 69% to 71% among 15-19 year olds. That is honestly amazing. Reading about the young men made it seem like many of them have been informed about sex education which is really good. Knowing that these young men know what
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