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Shelby Singleterry 4-10-15 Dr. Foley Questions for consideration 1. Compare the Constitution of the United States with that of the Iroquois reprinted here. Evaluate the evidence suggesting that the former was modeled on the latter. The United States constitution and the Iroquois constitution both have three branches of government. The branches of government in the United States are the Judicial, Executive, and legislative while the Iroquois is separated into three parties of the Mohawk Council. The Tekarihoken, Ayonhwhathah, and Shadekariwadeare are the first party. The Sarenhowaneh, Deyoenhewenh, and Oghrenghrehgowah are the second party. The third party is the Deyoenhegwenh, Aghstawenserenthah, and Skoskoharowaneh. The United States constitution and Iroquois constitution both have bicameral legislature. The Iroquois government has two set of Confederate Lords: Mohawk and Seneca lords; Oneida and Cayuga lords. The laws must pass through the Mohawk and Seneca lords, and then it will be discussed by the Oneida and Cayuga lords. The United States government has two house systems which is the House of Representatives and the Senate. Both the United States constitution and Iroquois constitution have an impeachment process. The United States can impeach a government official if they break a federal law, or to not have the best interest of his people. The Iroquois can impeach a leader if he does not have the best interest of his people or breaks the rules of the great law. 2. What information do they convey about the causes of the revolt and the situation in Pueblo country? The cause of the revolt was that a native pueblo named EL Pope’ was feared by the Indians so they followed him. Juan’s account tells that the Indian Pope’ worshiped the devil so many feared him and obeyed him. The Indians were conflicted with orders given by the senores governors, the

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