American Society Of Many Subcultures

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American Society is one of many subcultures. Examine a subculture that exists within the larger American society today. Compare and contrast the norms, beliefs and goals of the subculture and those of mainstream America: The United States is a great and strong country made up of about three million populations. The populations, Americans, are usually defined as citizens of the United States. However, it is hard to distinguish as they are without a common heritage, ethnicity, or lineage. Therefore Americans should be precisely defined through their common characteristics. It is the characteristics that distinguish them from other people around the world by its equality, goals, and the pursuit of happiness. Americans are taught by the Declaration of Independence that “All men are created equal.” Since it has become a necessary part of Americans' belief, equality is always something that they strive to provide and maintain. That is, all races and genders share equal opportunities provided by the society. When we look back to the past, there is no doubt that African Americans faced the barrier of race, or color prejudice in the past; Chinese, and other Asian Americans were discriminated in the society, the workplace, the school, and the neighborhood. None of these should be surprising; they are parts of history. Meanwhile, Americans eliminate the problem, but the fact is segregation and discrimination is unavoidable in every society in the world. Because of segregation and the many different types of people in a society it forces people to find something that most have in common and soon enough they form a subculture, a social group within a national culture which has distinctive patterns of behavior and beliefs, Due to the extent of American culture there are many integrated but unique social subcultures within the United States The society or culture of the United
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