American Shopping Mall Essay

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Milad Chini 09-24-09 ENG118 American Shopping Malls If we are going to the malls and we start to watch the different type of the people in there, we can see many type of people, old, young, children, African, American, Asian and other type of people. They are all coming into the mall for many reason, such as having fun, shopping, business. Malls are convenient places to shop. They provide shoppers with abundant and secure parking areas. Shoppers need not drive around for fifteen minutes looking for a parking place, nor need they be afraid to walk to their cars after they have completed their shopping. Malls are usually totally indoors so people are comfortable why they shop. They do not they do not have to be subject to the elements as they go from store to store. Finally, the most convenient aspect of the mall is its one stop shopping experience. The mall is imprisoning because of the subliminal music and colors. In the shopping malls, if we look at the color of the hole building, we can see in most part of the mall they use the Monochrome white. Also they use the same type of the music that they play in the mall all the time. Because of the color and the music they keep everyone there for hours, whileoffering all the basic needs of eating, drinking, socializing, and shopping. It has an artificial atmosphere of fake trees, and sunlight roofs, in the mall, to give the impression you are outdoors or free. But in actuality it keeps people there for hours, and people seem to want to escape their lives and go the mall to feel good. Finally, the mall is a wonderful entertainment center. Not only do people go there to shop, but they also go there for relaxation. There are movies sometimes as many as fifteen or sixteen. In addition, arcades are available for children, teens and adults. Some parents drop their children off at the arcade, give them a roll of
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