American Revolution Essay

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After independence had officially been declared from Great Britain by Congress in 1776, the British had sent nearly 32,000 troops to the colonies (as opposed to the 20,000 men that made up the Continental Army). Battles had sprung up all through out the Colonies within days, until the last battle in October of 1781--the Battle of Yorktown. During the Battle of Yorktown, the Continental Army (which was led by Alexander Hamilton), captured the British defenses forcing them to surrender and Britain later signed the Treaty of Paris in 16733 which finally recognized the Colonies independence. Although the objective when going into any war is obviously to win, there may have been other goals or objectives involved for both sides during the Revolutionary War. These goals or objectives include not only to gain independence (for the colonists) or to remain in control (for the loyalists), but also, the Colonists had the mind set of not necessarily beating the British but at least waiting until the British grew tired of have to deal with the expenses that came with war. As war waged on, the use of allies became more and more vital as the battles grew. With the Colonist gaining speed on their route to freedom, the Indians, French, Dutch, and Spanish were some of the closer allies to the Colonists. The French contributed to victory by blocking the ports into the States. By doing this, the Loyalists failed to receive precious materials for the battlefield sent from Great Britain. The other allies such as the Spanish and the Dutch made up only a small percentage of those who actually fought in the war, but rather, they sent many materials like guns and ammunition. Although Native American tribes fought for both Colonists and Loyalists, the Natives seemed more favorable toward the Loyalists due to the fact that they were promised freedom and grants to head west, given

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