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The American Revolution Shawn Power September 8, 2008 There were many causes of the Revolutionary War. Some of them are the French and Indian War, Taxation, and England’s neglect to the colonies. All of these events caused the colonist to get together and talk about what England was doing to the colonies. England’s neglect to the colonies was a big cause of the American Revolutionary War. This neglect involved the development of triangular trade, trade laws, trials without juries. They had illegal search and seizure to the colonist. They searched their homes for untaxed goods and such. The British had all kinds of laws that were very unfair to the colonist. The French and Indian War had a big impact on the cause of the Revolutionary War because the colonies were taxed extra to pay for the war. This was the first time that the colonies had actually worked together. After the war, the British took control and doubled in size. This lead to a series of actions that was fair to Britain, but unfair to the colonist and lead directly to the American Revolution. Taxation really affected the colonist also. The British taxed almost anything they could. They had the sugar act that taxed sugar and molasses to regulate trade and to create revenue for Britain. The Stamp act required revenue stamps for all printed and official documents. The Quartering act, required the colonist to house and feed all troops during off war time. This wasn’t really a tax, but a way to help the debt and not have the government pay to house and feed the soldiers. They charged the ships to import tea, glass, lead, paper and paints. This was known as the Townshend act. All of these events had an effect on the American Revolution. Taxation and The French and Indian war seem to have the most impact on the revolutionary war. The Revolutionary war lasted for

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