American Red Cross Ethical Issues

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Grade = 15/15 Organizational Profile Eth 316 Tyra Barnes-Ammarah Organizational Profile The organizations that will be featured in this profile are The American Red Cross, Junior Achievement of Southern California, and The University of Arizona’s UA for YOU Outreach and Extension Portal. Each organization involves ways for not only the organization itself to help to the community, but also encourages other individuals and businesses to be involved with the community as well. However, these organizations do have differences that make each organization unique and also face ethical and moral issues which will be discussed further in the profile. The American Red Cross was organized by Clara Barton during the Civil War as a primary volunteer organization to help care for military personnel that were wounded in war. Throughout the years, the Red Cross has expanded the way it helps the community by offering disaster relief, blood donations, helping individuals learn CPR, First Aid and how to use an automated electronic defibrillation devise, helping families connect to local resources for support and…show more content…
The American Red Cross has faced many ethical and moral issues over the years. Most recently they faced criticism of the way the organization handled their response to hurricane Sandy. Many citizens felt that they were being ignored by the Red Cross because they could not immediately find the relief vans to receive aid or citizens felt that the Red Cross was not release the financial aid fast enough. In situations such as a natural disaster it can be hard to peg who needs help first and so forth. However, citizens in the affected community has no problem pointing blame and considering it to be an ethical issue and will ready lawyers to get what they feel should be given to them (Huffington Post,
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