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American Rebel Energy Drink Big Sky Beverage Company Big Sky Beverage Company produces a (BIB) Bag in a Box Energy Drink concentrated syrup for the on-premise beverage market, and others wishing to save thousands of dollars dispensing high quality energy drink cocktails. It can be used on the soda-dispensing bar gun or in soda machines. Manufactured in the USA using the finest quality ingredients available, there are two flavors available. America Rebel™ is made using the same ingredients and flavor profile of the energy drink category leader without the (9 volt battery to the tongue) after taste. Cool Blue™ was developed as an energy drink mixer for the numerous flavored Vodkas and Rums, it’s a triple Berry Blend with Vitamins B6, B12 only 60 calories, and 16 mg of caffeine. Both brands are available in 1, 3 and 5 gallon BIB’s meeting the needs of customers looking for an alternative to foreign energy drinks packaged using inconvenient cans. The BIB offers on-premise clients easy and efficient handling, no waste, more convenience, and significantly elevated profits — all while improving upon the authentic ingredient mix, taste and quality defined by the market leader. A standard 3 gallon (BIB) is a 5 to 1 ratio package, that is equivalent to 18 gallons or 2304 ounces of product, equal to 277 cans or 11.5 cases of Red Bull 8.4 oz. cans providing a 55% savings, about 7 cents an ounce to pour. It’s simple, with the BIB there is absolutely no mixing, measuring or spilling, and waste is virtually eliminated. Packaged in an eco-friendly air-tight, 2 ply poly-foil bag protected by a light-tight recyclable cardboard box to ensure durability and locks out any impurities, you will never have to worry about serving a drink that is stale or flat again, and requires no refrigeration. “Bar staff prefer to use the bar

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