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American Rangelands and Forest Essay

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American Rangelands and Forests

Part 1

Choose either a rangeland or a forest of the United States and describe current federal management strategies. Explain federal efforts to manage these lands sustainably by completing the chart below.

| Rangeland or Forest Location | Brief History of Rangeland or Forest | What are current land management problems? | What are the current federal land management strategies that address these problems? | What is one sustainable effort that should be implemented? |
American Rangeland or Forest: name | San Bernardino Forest | The San Bernardino Forest was born in 1907 after the forest reserve act was passed in 1891. The forest has a history of mining and prospecting in the past. | The roads during the winter. Trees are dying off at a fast rate causing a high chance for forest fires. Insects are damaging the trees at a fast rate. | The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) program is trying to stop the damage that burnt areas causing. The run off hurts fish, wildlife, and many other things that are important. | Ecological Restoration plan. It will take over stewardship of the land for the next 15 to 20 years. They need to sell some of the land for mining as it has a history of mining and prospecting in the past. |

Part 2

Take your information from Part 1 and use it to create a Sustainability Plan.

Your sustainability plan should present what, when, and how something is to be sustained and maintained now and into the indefinite future. Your plan can be submitted in a narrative or table format. The Corporation for National and Community Service (n.d.) provides the following list of components that make up a sustainability plan that should be included in your paper or table:

  1. Action items: Provide the items or activities that need to be addressed or that need to occur. Refer to the following example:

My plan for sustaining clean air in my community is to develop an...

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