American Prison System Essay

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The American prison system is referred to be a means of punishment that serves no encouraging purpose and placing the economy further into financial suffering. Many others trust that the prison system is warranted as it guarantees society protection from those who create a serious threat to those who abide by the laws that govern. No matter what one may believe, our prison systems population is continuing to produce at such a high rate many professionals have debated on what future steps need to be taking in order to improve such a problem. An in-depth discussion regarding the concerns legislation has with doubling the prison sentence for those who commit armed robbery, the rapid population growth the correctional facilities throughout the United States are encountering, the negative effects caused by long-term incarceration, alternative means for punishments, such as the use of intermediate sanctions and community-based corrections, my personal recommendations, and reasoning for the recommendations. Several methods exist in contemporary American that can be used in the criminal justice system, and can be agreed upon for punishing an individual. Sentencing an individual to imprisonment can be considered an excellent means for transgression prevention and deterrence, as it reminds all individuals of the consequences one will face for a criminal act committed. On the opposing side to incarceration doubling the prison sentence for armed robbery while excluding other serious criminal acts of violence, is not going to solve the issue nor is it, going to create a safer society. As of 2001 state prison systems were operating between one and 16% above capacity. This increase is a result of former president Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs policy that went into effect on October 27, 1996 or the war on crime that took place in 1968 when Congress passed the Safe Streets and

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