American Poli Essay

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cing In the history of American policing there was a lot that was learned from Great Britain and adapted by America dating back to the early 1800’s. In the past, the first ideals of policing were controlled by the able-bodied young men and young boys who took part in the migration of the first Europeans to venture to our lands. Starting off this was mainly a defensive motion used to defend themselves from the early settling natives to the lands that did not wish to share their home. As the years passed the natives became more settled and many realized that peace was more successful than going to war, and policing became one of the primary duties of the Justices of the Peace. As evolution took hold of the colonies, under developed land became cities and towns making it necessary to create a more organized form of law enforcement. “The Night Watch” was born, in 1636 as a productive way to control the actions and criminal activities of the area in Boston, Mass. More states like New York later took on the same idea when creating the Shout and Rattle Watch in 1651. Through this successful transition some areas of these teams and the weaknesses in other areas, cities like Philadelphia felt that policing could be more productive if the area was divided and assigned small teams per area. Once the population started to increase and industrialism had a firm grasp on America, it was mandated and put into that police department needed to be developed and would be on duty 24 hours a day. Once the ideals of law enforcement moved into and through the west, the Sheriff became the chief of police usually selected by reputation or through the community. These methods lead to the modern day law enforcement activities and commencement. In ay's law enforcement, there is still the Chief

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