American Pageant Chapter 31 Outline

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SEEING RED * The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia inspired a small-scale rise of the Communist party in America. * In response to the rise, General A. Mitchell Palmer led the “red scare,” which rounded up Communist suspects all across the nation. * This episode also introduced criminal syndicalism laws and the American plan. * The anti-red fervor of this time was encompassed in the Sacco and Vanzetti case, during which two radicals were electrocuted for alleged murder. HOODED HOODLUMS OF THE KKK * The KKK experienced a resurgence in the 1920s. * In addition to the blacks, the 1920s KKK also was against foreigners, Catholics, Jews, and many other minority groups. * The Klan spread rapidly in the Midwest and the South (aka the Bible Belt). * The order suddenly disbanded in the late 1920s. STEMMING THE FOREIGN FLOOD * Due to another fresh wave of significant immigration, Congress was forced to pass the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 to cut the number of European migrants. * The Immigration Act of 1924 again restricted immigration and completely cut off the Japanese immigrants. * Ethnic difference made labor unions extremely difficult to organize. * Horace Kallen and Randolph Bourne fought for extended rights and easier assimilation for immigrants. THE PROHIBITION “EXPERIMENT” * The Eighteenth Amendment was passed in 1919, authorizing prohibition. * The south and the west generally favored prohibition, while the eastern areas were vehemently against the 18th Amendment. * Common people resorted to breaking the law in many ways to obtain their beloved alcohol, including bribery. * Beverages with high alcoholic content became increasingly more popular. MAKERS OF AMERICA: THE POLES * The Poles were among the largest immigrant groups to set foot in America and first arrived at Jamestown in 1606. * The

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