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Chapter 27 summary It was expected that the influence which Luther left in England would remain, but King Henry VIII who reigned until his death in 1547, was a bitter enemy of the reformed faith. He had no love to the Protestant doctrine and worship. He had received permission from the pope to marry Catherine of Aragon after the death of her previous husband, Henry’s brother. But, his love for her decreased as she failed to give birth to a living son for the heir to the kingdom. Henry asked the Pope to declare that the papal permission given him to marry Catherine was contrary to the law of God and that he wasn’t truly married to her, but the pope wouldn’t give in. Henry then wanted to marry Anne Boleyn and in desperation he broke with the…show more content…
They were determined to reestablish Roman Catholicism throughout her realm. Mary married Philip of Spain shortly later, and the persecution of the Protestants began. The churchmen fled to Germany and Geneva to escape from her wrath. Nearly 300 men and women were burnt at the stake. Cranmer was imprisoned in London but was then sent to Oxford and sentenced to undergo ceremonies to indicate that he no longer held office in the church. His enemies changed their methods and placed him in pleasant apartment, gave him liberty to walk in the open air and spoke in such a kind way to him that he was overcome and persuaded to sign a paper renouncing his Protestant beliefs. The queen was not at all satisfied and still wanted Cranmer to be burned. In 1556, 150 faggots of wood were piled in Oxford’s Broad Street, and Cranmer was called up to speak to the congregation and to inform them that he had returned to ‘holy mother Church’. But instead, he boldly announced, that in signing a recantation of his former beliefs his hand had offended in writing contrary to his heart. “Therefore’ states Cranmer, “my hand shall first be punished, for if I may come to the fire it shall be first burned. And as for the Pope, I refuse him as Christ’s enemy, and Antichrist, and all his false doctrine.” The priests were upset and told him to stop his heretic mouth. Cranmer then ran to the stake and as he had vowed, he held

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