American Pageant Chapter 13 Quiz

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1.The southern colonies are Georgia, Marline, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia. 2.Massachusetts. 3.The woman was kicked out of her colony for saying God spoke to her was Anne Hutchinson. 4.The southern colonial economy was mainly agrarian or farming. 5.The northern colonial economy did not include farming. 6. The colony witch passed some of the first laws concerning education was Massachusetts. 7.People discussed important local issues and decisions at the town meetings. 8.A form of trade where goods and slaves were traded among the Americas, Britain, and Africa is known as the triangular trade. 9.The French and Indian war was fought between the French and the British. 10.The French and Indians war was also known as the Seven Years War. 11.The French and Indian War were fought for control of the Ohio River Valley. 12.Nathaniel Bacon led a rebellion against the governor of Jamestown for his policies…show more content…
14.The method of protest the Colonist did not use British taxation spitting on the king. 15. The acts or taxes that was considered an indirect tax was the Quartering act. 16.The black man killed in the Boston Massacre was Crispus Attucks. 17.The punishment for the Boston tea party was closing Boston harbor, a new Quartering act, and no town meetings. 18.Those for freedom from Britain were known as patriots. 19. Actions at the first Continental Congress did not include declaring war. 20.Actions at the Second Continental Congress did not include writing the Olive Branch Petition. 21.There were three main ideas in the Declaration of independence. It did not include the right to choose our own king 22.The author of Common Sense and The Crisis was Thomas Paine 23. The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson 24.Washington and his men crossed an icy river, then between 10 and 20 miles in snow. This was the battle of

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