American Novel Into Film - Carrie By Stephen King Essay

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Boris Yanakiev № 354 Professor M. Danova American Novel into Film 27.10.2011 ’’ CARRIE’’ By Stephen King Nowadays, it turns out that good plots and an epic dimension translate well from page to screen. But the attempt to scale this model by making midsize movies from literary novels has been an ugly disaster. For my work I choose Stephen King’s novel “CARRIE’’. This novel was the first book ever published by Stephen King and ever written so it had to be on the list, although there are many other books that got better reviews. Again the book got to be screened in two different projects, the first one in 1976, directed by Brian De Palma, two years after the book being published, which was actually much more appreciated than the second one released in 2002, directed by David Carson, but the argue is still the book or the movie, and if you ask me I like them both. Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine, in September 1947. His father left the family while Stephen was very young, and his mother supported them with a variety of low-paying jobs. After moving several times, the family moved to Durham, Maine, where Stephen’s mother took care of her aging parents. Although Stephen’s father was not a part of his life, he influenced him by leaving behind many fantasy-horror fiction books. A lonely child who wore thick glasses and was not good in athletics, Stephen preferred the solitary activities of listening to horror stories on the radio, reading scary books, and watching science fiction movies. As a youth, Stephen read avidly and enjoyed a wide variety of books by authors such as John D. MacDonald, Ed McBain, Shirley Jackson, J. R. R. Tolkien, Ken Kesey, Margaret Mitchell, Andre North, Jack London, Agatha Christie, and Thomas Hardy. By the time Stephen was in high school, he was writing short stories modeled on the books he had read. They were set in small

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