American Nation: Slavery In The United States

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Teresita U. Sanchez American Nation Mr. Howard Cole October 11, 2006 Mid-Term 1. Describe the lives of slaves, and the efforts to free then and to stop the trade in slaves, during Colonial times and the early Republic. Slavery in America began in Chesapeake after 1619. In the beginning the slaves were treated as indentured servants. Slaves can gain freedom if they worked out their term of being an indentured servant. But because African servants have dark skin the colony soon see black only as slaves, so it became a custom for the white colonials to have slaves. They were first brought to the colonies for planter’s plantation manual labor. As the staple crops in the colonies commercial markets increased so did…show more content…
Some slaves gained their freedom during and after the war also some of them received land bounties. The slaves the joined the British forces gained their freedom and went to Canada and other places that British controlled. Sadly American Whigs killed a lot of the slaves for aiding British forces. While slavery was abolished in the northern states, the southern states with the majority of black slaves refused to free their slaves. But by the end of the Civil War in 1861 almost all of the slaves were free. Some slaves by serving in the Revolutionary war and some by running away to the northern states. When every state promise to free their slaves after fighting against the British state after state abolished slavery and antislavery grew and grew. This pressured the southern states to end slavery. 2. Different European countries had different reasons for establishing colonies. Explain the reasons behind the establishment of colonies by the French, Spanish, and the British, and how these differences shaped the administration of these…show more content…
The New World was divided into four different colonies. The New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies were the different regions making up the 13 states. The colonies were tired of taxation and representation by the British government that even though they were so different from one another they united. Benjamin Franklin suggested that they stand together in the Albany Congress to direct policy for defense and expanding their colonies. They wanted to be free from England to have their own government. The British went through a lot of battles and the revolutionary war which led them to their independence from England. America was created governed by the people in the colonies based on their ideals. The American colonies went through a lot changes and developments over two centuries all for the cause for

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