American Musem Of Natural History's Hall Of Human Origin

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Anthropology is the study of humankind. It covers all aspects of society and culture. Anthropology studies tools, techniques, language, beliefs, kinships, values, social institutions, economic mechanisms, and cravings for beauty and art. It has a great impact on colonialism, poverty, globalism, race,gender, and sexuality. In the visit to the American Musem of Natural History’s Hall of Human Origin, I’ve known that the DNA is the essential molecules that’s the instruction manual for building each specie, and was amazed by the fact that human and the chimpanzee are 98.8 percent alike. Nowaday we are so much different from them because we were from the same common ancester 6 to 7 million years ago, but the DNA changed from generation to generation.…show more content…
Margret Mead taught generations of American about the value how to look carefully and openly into the complexities of humankind throught exploring the life of the Pacific people. Like the Bali people, they play dramas to spread out religious ideas, myths, and historic lore. Their theater of human actor is derived from the puppet theater, wayang. And there are two form of it. The actor for wayang topeng (topeng means mask), they wear the mask by gripping a leather tab with their teeth, while they speak the text; and later the mask was held by strap, and the actor can speak and dance at the same time while they perform. In the wayang wong, which has fixed patterns of movements and costumes, the masks were worn only by animals and demon roles. The performers began training at 6 or 7. And in both style, the actors dance with expressionless face and use puppetlike gestures. The theater has an very important role in the traditional culture of Bali. Sometimes it mixed with romance or satire and comedy. Humans has evolved a universal capacity, to conceive the world symbolically based on our different environments. We need to learn these symbols to understand other culture, and spread the ideas out socially, in order to transform the world based on these symbols. And Margaret Mead herself is good example that she advocate gender equality and sexual liberation from studying the people in the pacific islands. And nowaday’s anthropologist criticize post colonialism oppression and multicultrualism to try to make a society with

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