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I think the other themes in the poem The Red Wheelbarrow would be a country lifestyle. When I read the poem I imagined a painting or drawing of a country ranch house with a cozy window that has a red wheelbarrow outside of it with a couple of chickens gathered around it. The wheelbarrow can be a source of food or water for the chickens, which may be why they are gathered around the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow seems to have significance to the area in which it is in, a very important tool. The wheelbarrow to me is the heart of this “painting” that Williams is telling the wheelbarrow is what allows the chickens to survive and have a place to live. The poem was pure and natural reflecting what I believe how simple things can make such an impact and significance “so much depends upon” is what really set the tone of the poem for me which lead to what I believed could be symbolized. As for the other poems this week by Williams I thought spring and all was interesting I think he compared nature’s looks to the birth of humans. Considering Williams was a doctor and delivered more than 2,000 babies I think he wanted to compare the two and how they both relate to one another. The Dead Baby I had trouble with, I thought it had a very cold vibe to it especially the way the line “the baby is dead” just shows up in the beginning. I think that the baby was going to be buried and it was about cleaning up the house for the baby’s funeral. This is Just to Say I thought was funny and simple, it basically is about him eating plums that he figures were saved for someone he lives with breakfast and he could not resist because “they were delicious” . I that Chicago was interesting and I thought that Sandburg explained Chicago as if it as a person as the story went on he made it out to be that Chicago is tough and it takes a tough person to live there. Fog, Sandburg is comparing the

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