American Labor Movement Essay

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For many Americans, minimum wage employment was a short-term, teenage condition, however, many American adults are finding minimum wage jobs to be the only jobs that they could find. For the longest time, the minimum wage in the United States was $7.25 per hour. Each state however can make its own minimum wage whatever it wants, but only if the states minimum wage is higher than the federal. Our current president, Obama, wishes to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour. If that were to happen , it would cause problems for non-profit organizations, small businesses, and it would undoubtedly raise prices on things we buy every day. The first drawback from raising the minimum wage price would be that non-profit organizations would take a big hit. Non-profit organizations rely on donations to run their business. While they make no money for what they do, the owner of that business still would have to pay for the labor and workers it has. If the minimum wage was increased, non-profit organizations would be forced to pay its workers even more money than they receive. This would eventually lead to loss of jobs and maybe even close down that business for good. The second drawback from raising the minimum wage price would be small businesses would most likely go belly-under. Small businesses would have to raise their prices on everything they sell. Small businesses get their reputations for literally being "small business." People go to them because their prices are lower, however if the minimum wage is raised, they would have to raise their prices to pay the workers and bills they have there. Eventually, small businesses would have to lay off their workers or even shut down because they couldn't afford either one anymore. The third drawback would be that the prices we pay for things we buy every day would be raised to help support those

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