American Islam: African-American Status or Islamic Propagation? Essay

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Graham 1 Joel Graham Professor Konden Smith REL 321 12/18/2012 American Islam: African-American Status or Islamic Propagation? At these last moments of the semester, after much perusing of ample literature, it is surprising how dumbfounded one can be in trying to render thought into writing. Many questions arise regarding controversies in the actions of the men and women of various groups and communities; for example, the white people were not very liked in the black community, yet courting or dating a white woman, for a black man, raises his status within the community. Even more, the credibility of Alex Haley’s work, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, can be argued upon (Marable); questions about the Islam portrayed by Elijah Muhammad, the leader of Nation of Islam (NOI), which drew Malcolm X’s attention and eventually convinced him to convert to Islam make his intentions very questionable (Hornsby, Jr.); and Mr. X’s shift in ideological paradigm from separatist to relatively moderate, poses as another event debatable. Above all it brings to light that, Islam of the day, or Malcolm X’s Islam, was aimed at the problem of racism than Islam itself; hence not having a direct impact, although significant, on the American religion as such. It is for this very reason, and the images of its representatives that Islam is only reluctantly accepted even today. To get a more complete understanding of the history of American religion during this period, the research done prior to this presentation included reading extremist literature both from the black and the white perspectives, and comparatively neutral literature. This was to follow the procedure of the art of historiography that was discussed during the course of the semester. Before trying to comprehend the culmination of the standings of the various people, it behooves us to have the knowledge of the

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