American Industrial Revolution Essay

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The American Industrial Revolution changed many lives of many American during the 1800’s and early 1900’s. She was becoming one of the most important industrial nations during this period through aggressive political negotiations, economical and military power. Americans were discovering better ways of manufacture of goods, making transportation more reliable and creating communication more accessible to the general public. The population began to grow at a rapid rate and technological advances promoted the growth of industries in rural areas throughout the US. New technologies allowed business owners to reduce labor and the hours in the movement of materials from one point to the other. This occurred by using the new technology of railroads and machinery. Business owners used the railroads to transport their finished product and to ship the raw materials around the country more efficiently. The businesses are now able to use machines for lifting materials from one floor to another by the means of a conveyer belts. Conveyors belt made the job easier to move materials around on an assembly line. By 1900 the population of the United States grew from 36 million people to nearly 80 million people. Because of population growth, supply and demand were high leaving Americans with plenty of room for expansion and progression. (Hobsbawn, E. J., 1987) Many farmers learned how to change their primitive way of producing crops to a more highly industrial way of producing them. The invention of new tools and machines decrease the work load for farmers, making them better efficient. For example the wooden cradle that was invented in 1830. The wooden cradle is a tool that can cut four times more wheat than his counterpart the sickle. Because of the introduction of Cyrus McCormick’s reaper in the 1840s, farmers can now triple his wheat production.

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