American Indian Argumentative Essay

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A great topic which is among United States and the American Indians is the struggle for land and appropriate medical purposes, social, and educational purposes for past tribes. In the 1800's the Native Americans handed over almost all of their land to the U.S, in return for later social, medical educational purposes, and the obligation that they could have their reserved land later on. Still to this day, the United States government has not kept their promise to the Native Americans. The NCOAI (National Congress of American Indians) just now released an informational article about this subject, and it further explains how the federal government must keep their promise to the Native Americans for legal reasons. The federal government's responsibility is the legal agreement made by the United States government to the Indian tribes when the Indian lands had given away to the United States government. This agreement can be found in federal law, treaties, judicial opinions, international doctrine, and executive orders. It could be divided by three general promises: protection of the Indian's trust lands: assurance of tribal individual-governance; and foundation of central social, medical, and educational assistances for the Native American past tribe members. These obligations have not been followed through by the United States government. The federal. Government has consistently failed to be seen through with allowance to match these component accountabilities. This statement…show more content…
This has befittingly angered the American Indians who have upheld honesty as something that is cherished in their belief system. The American Indians disbelieve that the government has been ethical in their transactions with
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