American Imperialism Essay

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Mickey To October 22, 2012 Period 10 ~ Top 25 ~ 1. Explain how the U.S. Justified their goal of imperialism | Global competition (worldwide colonization) desire for military power Thirst for new market (trade/materials)Belief in cultural superiority (social/darwism) | 2. State how important the 1867 acquisition of Alaska was for the U.S. government | For $7.2 million the territory proud to be rich in timber and eventually oil purchased from Russia | 3. State how the Hawaiian monarchy was forced out of the power in the late 1800 | King katakaua was forced to sign a new constitution giving voting rights to wealthy property owners In 1821 queen lilioukalani promoted Hawaii for Hawaiians for this she was placed under house arrest Sanford b dole was named head of govt. | 4. Explain why…show more content…
Explain what the Philippines went to war with the U.S. in 1899 how much money was spent to suppress the Philippines / American war | The U.S. government promised rebel Emilio alguinaldo that the Philippines would be independent is the rebels would help force Spanish out after the treaty of paris spain sold the Philippines to the U.S. for $20 million alguinaldo felt betrayed and led a rebellion | 10. Describe why winning the war is the Philippines proved to be a difficult task for the U.S. | Many African Americans felt sympathetic for the Philippines and abandoned the U.S. army to join alguinldo troops it took 3 years to suppress the rebellion cost $40 million and 4,000 american lives | 11. Why were japan and rusia in conflict in 1904? What were the early results of this war | Japan and Russia were competing for power of korea and Manchuria japan destroyed there pacific fleet then they ran out of money asked president rosevelt to negotiate with the Russians for them | 12. What role did president rosevelt have in this conflict and why did japan seek help | President Roosevelt in result of helping japan the U.S. intrest expanded

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