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American Imperialism Essay

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  • on June 25, 2010
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American Imperialism
Due to the consequences of nineteenth century imperialism, the world still suffers from it today.   Even though it has decreased to a certain extent, it still remains strong today.   It was adopted for a few different reasons which this paper will discuss.   There were several events that led up to this change as well as several major events that took place during this time.   Even with imperialism’s distinct popularity, there was an American Anti-Imperial League that did not support Imperialism.
The U.S. adopted this policy at the end of the nineteenth century because we wanted to add new territory to the U.S.   Our goal was to achieve manifest destiny.   “Since the 1840s, expansionists had spoken of a Manifest Destiny to overspread the North American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific” (Davidson, Gienapp, Heyrman, Lytle, & Stoff, 2005, p. 689).   The industrial revolution was the bullet for Imperialism which came to life in the nineteenth century.   Imperialism got rid of hunger for wealth wanted by the western world which formed the modern world through wars and partitions.
Americans tried to justify imperial control through social, economic, and political forces.   One means of justification was by establishing new markets.   The U.S. business wanted newer markets to sell our products and establish resources we did not have in America.   The U.S. had a coastal fleet but no functional fleet to protect its interest overseas (Davidson, 2005, p. 690).   So the U.S. needed naval stations across the Pacific so our ships could reach China.   In the 1880s, Congress launched a program to rebuild the old navy ship.   This brought the navy up to speed which made the country become an imperialistic power.
Another way to rationalize imperialism was by spreading Christianity to everyone.   Protestant missionaries provided a spiritual imperialism rationale that acknowledged Mahan’s military and economic arguments.   Americans felt it as their duty to...

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