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American Identity Marianne Smallwood HIS/110 11/22/10 Professor Jason Hatter American Identity According to Crevecoeur, an American is different from a European in the following such as there are no aristocratically families, no courts, no kings, no bishops, no ecclesiastical dominion, no invisible power giving to a few very visible one, etc. The rich and the poor are not so far removed from each other as they are in Europe. Crevecoeur continues to say that they are all tillers of the earth, from Nova Scotia to West Florida. The Americans are cultivators, scattered over an immense territory, communicating with one another by means of good roads and navigable rivers, united by the silken bands of mild government, all respecting the laws, without dreading their power, because they are equitable (St. John Crevecoeur, 1904). Europeans have hostile castles and the haughty mansion and in contrast with the clay-built hut and miserable cabin, where cattle and men help keep each other warm, and dwell in meanness, smoke and indigence. In Europe according to Crevecoeur, there are great lords who possess everything and of a herd of people who do not have anything (St. John Crevecoeur, 1904). Life in the British North American colonies contributed to the creation of a unique American identity by having more than they did in Europe but most of all having equality. For example, lawyers or merchants are the fairest titles the towns afford; that of a farmer is the only appellation of the rural inhabitants of the country. Another example is that on Sunday, one would see a congregation of respectable farmers and their wives, all clad in neat homespun, riding in their own humble wagons. However, there is not an esquire among them saving the unlettered magistrate. In conclusion, another farmer would see a person as simple as his flock, who does not

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