American Identity In The Gangster We Are All Looking For

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American Identity American identities are often conflicted with one another simply because they are constructed in various and numerous ways. In each of these three previous texts; Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian, Of Customs and Excise, and The Gangster We Are All Looking For, the American identity is then demonstrated and defined by these characters. In The Gangster We Are All Looking For, the narrator, whose name is still undeclared, steadily finds the truth and position of the Americans. To her, whenever the word “American” comes up, the first thing she would classify with is the diversity of people. Also the butterfly she has been encountering with is a meaning of identity. She would classify these as American identity because this example are very much so significant to her and her life. In Of Customs and Excise, Mala demonstrate the…show more content…
If in order to become an American, one must be brought up with one ethnicity, not two. This is how the narrator viewed the American identity as. Race and ethnicity takes into part as the factors that led to the exclusion in this text. The narrator of this text feels like she is being excluded from the American society simply because she is part of more than one ethnicity. Just like on page 230, she stated, “As my life began in my father’s country it may end in my mother’s.” She had to decide if the way to defined the American identity was having the option to choose what one wishes. At the end she wishes to take no part because after all the American identity is based on choosing and she simply can not do so. Throughout these three texts, discrimination is often describe in varies similarities and differences. In The Gangster We Are All Looking For, discrimination is being confide upon the family’s background and history. As for Of Customs and Excise, the fact

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