American Identity In Plesantville Essay

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A Boy, a Girl, and an Apple Representing a kinder and simpler time, the movie Pleasantville tells a story about two teenagers named David and Jennifer who, after fighting over a television remote, get whisked into the living room of the black and white television show Pleasantville. Once in the show, David and Jennifer are forced to pretend to be the characters of Bud and Mary Sue. The show portrays a stereotypical 1950’s image that can be similarly related to television shows like Leave it to Beaver and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. At first, David decides that David and Jennifer should play into the exact roles of Bud and Mary Sue to preserve the lives of the Pleasantville citizens, but after Jennifer has sex with Skip Martin the city of Pleasantville drastically changes. The symbolism seen throughout the movie consists of many themes relating to ones American identity. However, these themes are not always expressed as positive and illuminate on the social implications of trying to keep up the “American Dream”. The main overarching themes expressed throughout this movie and that are related to identity are the consistent pressures of innocence and purity, the inability to break social norms, and the resistance to thought provoking ideas. The movie Pleasantville heavily emphasizes the importance of innocence and purity, seen through the utopian-like society, this society’s pressure is not unlike the same pressure American’s place to maintain a sense of virtue. Even though America is a place where many diverse people can worship or practice any number of faiths, the American identity is deeply rooted with strong Christian values. The movies use of color alluded to the bible in the fact that one could interpret the color change as symbolism of sin. The perfect example can be seen through the character of Betty Parker. Betty Parker is a married woman who does

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