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Gordon Stewart AP English Language Mr. Larochelle American Identity Essay For nearly five centuries, people of all nationalities, cultures, religions and ethnicities have left their home countries to immigrate to what is known today as the United States of America. In the beginning it was called the New World, a place where European explorers came to explore and exploit for recourses. It became a haven for European immigrants, with hopes and dreams to start a new life with endless possibilities in a land untouched by the rest of the world. It goes without saying that America has changed significantly from the colonial nation it used to be, simply because, America is an ever changing place. However, one thing is certain, the yearning to fulfill the American dream hasn’t changed. The reasons people move to America haven’t changed. And unlike Colonial America, today’s America protects the values in which makes America the land of the free through the Declaration of Independence. Theoretically speaking, very few people descend from America, a through and through American are it’s aborigines; the Native Indians in which inhabited America long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus (although some argue that the Viking’s were the first) are the only “Americans” out there. This entails that only 0.8% of the population of America is filled with descendants of America (Wikipedia). There are so many people that identify themselves as Americans, either because they are generational whose ancestry immigrated to America, or because they simply believe in the American way of life. They want the limitless opportunity to do what they want to do without social boundaries. Being an American isn’t only belonging to the continent, it’s belonging to a national belief in the constitution and the most cosmopolitan country on earth. To be of American Identity is to assimilate

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