American Ideal Essay

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In the essay titled The Two Americas Problems written by John Edwards for The Atlantic Magazine the author talks about the belief that in America, all men are created equally. He is quoted as saying “Too many Americans are separated from the opportunities of our country because of the family they were born into, the color of their skin, their gender, or where their location”. Many people are predisposed to the thought that people who are black or Hispanic are automatically considered minorities and will struggle more in life to get where they want and to live the lifestyle that many people around the world believe is a right in America. The truth is that regardless of your color, income or location in America, everyone is governed by the same laws and rights. It is my opinion that what a person chooses to do with these rights is what makes everyone equal. Most people in America believe that race plays a significant role in determining whether people are treated equally. Blacks and Hispanics feel like jobs are often given to whites in lieu of them however, this is not the case. Most employers look at education and job experience before looking at a person’s race. In America there is an appearance that the heavy labor type jobs are only for the blacks and Hispanics but this is not true, there are white people doing the same type of work every day. College is available to everyone regardless of their race also. Often times it is easier for minorities to attend because the “free money” is more readily available to them. Another thing that seems to cause people to feel that things are not equal is how an individual is judged based on their income. If a person is successful in their job and has money they are believed to automatically have more influence or authority than others. This is not true. Even the poorest people can assert authority and influence over
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