American Holocaust: a Native American Tragedy Evaluation Essay

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American Holocaust: A Native American Tragedy Evaluation Essay Producer Joanelle Romero’s, powerful and hard-hitting documentary, American Holocaust, is quite possibly the only film that reveals the link between the Nazi Holocaust, which claimed at least six-million Jews, and The American Holocaust, which claimed, (according to conservative estimates) nineteen-million indigenous people (Lewy). This short, yet powerful, documentary, depicts the harsh reality of the horrendous acts of the American settlers assimilation program to decimate every man, woman, and child, of any significant Indian heritage. This documentary’s sole purpose was to expose the most substantial act of genocide that the world has ever seen through, thought-provoking entertainment, intense persuasion, viable information, and attempted credibility. All too often entertainment is based on ending the movie with a “happily-ever after ending.” This is not always the case. Entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean you are left with a memorable experience. In fact, entertainment is meant to invoke your inner most emotions! This film provides a sufficient amount of entertainment but displays it in a way that leaves you enlightened and lost in a turmoil of mixed emotions. The various Natives interviewed give the viewers a first-hand account of their frustrations, concerns, and fears. The documentary also provides basic novelty as well as sufficient facts to invoke conscious, raw emotions, such as: pure anger, deep sorrow, and ultimate frustration. Although it doesn’t provide amusement in an entertaining fashion, it does keep the viewers attention and educates them on the dilemma being presented. The film creatively varies its distribution of information through, viable pictures, dramatic quotes, and emotional interviews. The intense contrast of their heart-wrenching tears to their deeply

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