American History Project Essay

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A Alexander Graham Bell Ch17 pg. 464 Alexander Graham Bell speaking into prototype telephone [pic] 1. Alexander G. Bell invented the telephone in 1876. 2. Mr. Bell invented the telephone in his quest to communicate with and educate the deaf. 3. The telephone proved to be a valuable invention and by 1900 there were almost 800,000 telephones in the country which was twice the total in all of Europe. 4. The American Telephone and Telegraph Company dominated the industry with a consolidation of 100 local systems. 5. Mr. Bell can be accredited with many inventions, one being an early premise of the mine detector. He created this device in the hopes to save President Garfield from an assassin’s bullet. B Buffalo Ch. 16 pg. 437-441 Photograph, mid-1870s, of a pile of American bison skulls [pic] 1. The Plains Indians all lived by hunting the American bison or buffalo which roamed the plains by the millions. 2. The buffalo provided the Indians with food, clothing, shelter, and fuel. 3. The buffalo was an important symbol in Indian religion. 4. The buffalo were almost extinguished with the building of the transcontinental railroads and frivolous sport hunting. 5. In 1871 a way to make commercial use of buffalo hide was found and this discovery ended the Plains Indians tribal way of life. C Chinese Exclusion Act Ch. 16 pg. 434 Chinese railway workers in the Far West [pic] 1. Chinese nationals began immigrating to the west coast of the United States in 1850. 2. The Burlingame Treaty provided cheap labor for railroad construction which attracted more Chinese nationals and nearly doubled their immigration rate. 3. The completion of the nation’s railways forced the Chinese out on the economy to compete with the native workers which led to wide scale rioting because Chinese workers accepted lower
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