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Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Founders of American republic did not explain the role of political parties when they were drafting and rectifying the U.S constitution. Actually, they sought through different constitutional arrangements such as allocating powers and duties among the legislative, executive and judicial branches. Despite the founders’ intentions, U.S become the first state to develop promising political unions organized on a national foundation to accomplish the movement of executive rule from one party to another through elections (Foner, 197). Political parties mobilizes growing figure of voters as a way of political control. Apparently, political parties in America became part of democratic growth and in the year 1830s, they became strongly established and powerful. Today, the democratic and republican parties Heirs predecessor parties from 18th-19th centuries dominates the completely political process. The two vital parties controls the congress, state legislatures, presidency and the governorships. For instance, each president has been either democrat or republican. Moreover, in recent decades, high numbers of individual term themselves as “independent” and they are allowed to vote (Foner, 1997). According to opinion polls, even those peoples who term themselves as independents usually have partisan propensities towards various parties. This paper aims in exploring the tremendous roles of politics in shaping American society and how, politics has encouraged the growth of America. In a broad perspective, politics has influenced the society both positively and negatively. Arguably, political parties provides connection between the society and politics and enable them to interact mutually. They develop programs and policies. This is the vital responsibility of the political parties; it ensures that various choices are

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