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The American Revolutionary War By Rebecca Maia Union County College History 201 May, 2011 The Reasons for the Revolution Wars are always revolutionary, or at least they were for those who made it when it happened. This one even had revolution in its name. And they don’t start from one day to the other. With the Revolutionary War in the land now known as The United States of America it wasn’t different. Innumerous events led to the birth of the revolutionary spirit and finally to the Proclamation of the Independence. American and Britain’s economy came out differently after the French-Indian war. With Britain buried in dept and with an instable economy, more and more settlers started to find their way to the colonies. Worried about their safety and the control of those regions already taken by settlers, England passes The Proclamation Line, in 1763. Eventually, with the growing numbers of immigration, the Indians had their land traded for goods or stolen. A few other groups of people were angry at the British and therefore a part of the rising revolutionary spirit: farmers, elite e intellectuals (like Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams), who could translate America’s feelings to the British Court. As Britain tried to reinforce its domain and to restore its economy (by reinforcing the Navigation acts, for example), Colonial America’s east and west started to unite. Britain then passed the Sugar Act of 1764, a new version of the Molasses act of 1733, which meant to stop Settlers from exporting to other countries besides Britain, and the Currency Act of 1764, this time not allowing the colonies to issue paper money. On 1765 Parliament decided for the Stamp Act, which stamped and taxed every operation that used paper such as certificates, documents, newspapers, diplomas. Settlers responded with hostility due to fear of having their Liberty taken away by the

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