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American History Essay

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  • on January 19, 2011
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|American society in the early Republic can be categorized as a set of regions. The characteristics of rural life in the Northeast, the     |
|South, and the Trans-Appalachian region differed greatly. Meanwhile, American cities developed tremendously in each region. While the       |
|Northeast and the South reflected the growing differences between Northern and Southern economic structures, the Trans-Appalachian region   |
|served as a middle ground region between the established American states on the Atlantic coast and the Native American civilizations that   |
|still dominated the Midwest. As the early republic of the United States wedded republicanism to expansion, relations with Native Americans |
|became an increasingly important issue. To address these relations, the United States government implemented a general Indian policy that   |
|contained a number of goals, but ultimately rested on American ownership and settlement of the lands on which the Native Americans resided.|
|In response, Native American communities implemented a number of strategies to deal with this treatment, and they utilized a number of     |
|forms of resistance to the Americans' policies.                                                                                             |
|Meanwhile, growing out of the ideas about things like democracy and liberty that had been important for the American Revolution, many       |
|groups of Americans turned toward reform movements to perfect American society. This impulse to reform included a Second Great Awakening as|
|well as an emphasis on alleviating poverty and diseases. The impulse to reform also emboldened calls for greater rights and opportunities   |
|for women and for African Americans. While some progress was made on each of these fronts, the general lack of increased rights and         |
|opportunities for both groups reflected the limitations to which the early republic was still willing to extend democracy. Still, women...

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